How it all began

The story of Grow Colourful Ghana begins in 2012, when two students studying to become social workers from Germany travel to Ghana. As part of their studies, they carried out a research project there with a local aid organisation to improve education in rural primary schools.

The encounters and experiences in Ghana had a great impact on the students and created a deep connection to the country, the people and their cultures. Also a new awareness arose of the need to become active and work for more justice and solidarity in this world.

In the following years, extensive knowledge as well as valuable experience and insights in development cooperation, project management and about life in Ghana were gained in the context of various development projects.

In 2015 the local non-profit organisation “Grow Colourful Ghana”, based in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, was registered. The first steps of the young organisation were supported by various committed people from different countries and continents. The aim was to further professionalise the organisation and to secure the financial means for the projects in the long term. In 2018 the non-profit organisation Grow Colourful Ghana e.V. was finally founded in Germany.