A Bamboo Training Centre in Ghana

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Model making for the workshop area at Fiaso Bamboo Training Centre. Further models for the other areas will follow soon…

With 50.000 Euro a fully equipped bamboo training centre is being built in the rural area of Bono East Region in Ghana.

Building site
Costs: 5.000 EUR

Localisation, engagement and mobilisation of the local population, land purchase, building permit, clearing and preparation

Costs: 12.000 EUR

Scaffolding, basins and facilities for the environmentally friendly treatment of bamboo for preservation, weather-protected drying and storage areas

Training rooms & sanitary facilities
Costs: 18.000 EUR

Ecological construction by using sustainable building materials such as clay and bamboo, construction of compost toilets

Costs: 8.000 EUR

Solar systems for energy production, tools and machines for bamboo processing. Furnishing and equipment of the training rooms

Research and teaching
Costs: 7.000 EUR

Mobilisation of experts, organisations and companies from the national and international bamboo sector, education and training of craftsmen and interested parties from the local population