Why bamboo?

“Bamboo has unique properties. It is therefore essential that this plant be considered as a strategic element for the concrete solution of burning problems that also affect areas outside architecture: the deforestation of tropical rainforests, the effective promotion of the economy in the world’s most underdeveloped regions and the implementation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction methods”.

Mauricio Cardenas Laverde, architect from Colombia, founder of the Cardenas Conscious Design studio in Milan, author of numerous articles and a book on bamboo as a building material.

  • Bamboo is not only one of the most sustainable and fastest growing raw materials on earth; it is also one of the most versatile materials in the world.

  • Bamboo offers a constantly growing variety of uses and provides sustainable alternatives for the use of increasingly scarce resources such as wood, metal or oil.

  • Bamboo can be preserved using environmentally friendly salt infusions.

  • Bamboo can be used to create sustainable livelihoods and habitats, while providing answers to many burning environmental issues.

  • Bamboo is one of the plants that absorbs the most CO2 during its lifetime; it also releases 35% more oxygen than other trees of the same size and helps prevent soil erosion.

  • Bamboo grows predominantly in the poorest regions of the world and can be used to reduce poverty.

  • Bamboo will never run out, even for future generations.